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Welcome to  We're a Plano, TX used car dealership, license P54362, and
we're bonded.  80% of our business comes from repeat customers and their referrals. On the
page are some of the used cars and trucks we've delivered in the past year.  

We're different, really.  We have a few cars for sale, but most customers come to us asking us to
find a specific vehicle for them.  Rather than charging you retail, we tell you what the vehicle will
cost us and we generally add a small fee to our cost depending upon the car's value.  You usually
end up paying a little more than wholesale.

We can buy all kinds of cars and trucks, but we get the most requests for:
Acura, Audi, BMW,
Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche,
Toyota and Volkswagen.

Click here for our current Dallas used car and Dallas used truck inventory.

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a penny.
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dallas toyota used car
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Not convinced, yet?....

Above are examples of used vehicles we've recently found and delivered for Customers like you, cars used everyday!

WHAT DO WE DO?...Welcome to a better car buying experience.  
At, we're a Plano, Texas used car dealership, license P54362, and we specialize in used car sales, helping buyers locate
and purchase quality used vehicles at discounted prices; auto finders, or used car finders, if you will, and we'll just give you a reasonable used
car price if that's all you want.  We will hook you up with the best used cars and used autos which Dallas has to offer.  Heck, they are really the
best Texas used cars and used trucks because Dallas is the third largest used car market in the country!!  Though in Plano, we sell a huge
amount of vehicles for people just like you, people looking for used cars in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and other DFW cities.  
Click here to
begin your Dallas used car or Dallas used truck search, even if all you want are used car prices.

We don't have a large Dallas used car sales lot packed full of autos and Dallas cars for sale with huge overhead.  Were not a big Dallas used
car dealer or Fort Worth used car dealer.  As a result, a vehicle sale means less cost passed on to you, the customer. We can provide you with
a reasonable price quote of what you should expect to pay.  We save you more than a third of the markup you would usually pay for a
pre-owned vehicle at other dealers with large car inventory lots and high sales commissions.  We also assist in arranging financing, loans and
leasing at reasonable rates for your new vehicle.

Most of the DFW autos, cars and trucks we sell come off manufacturer factory leases or finance programs, are rated highly, have a good history
and are three to five years old. They are very reliable vehicles and come to you at a great value.  We select only the best cared-for pre-owned
vehicles and provide you with detailed information regarding their condition before the purchase.  Some of the newer pre-owned vehicles are
still under factory warranty and can be certified.

We have over 30 years Dallas and Fort Worth (and Plano) combined experience in the automotive business.  This is not just a DFW used car
job for us; we are auto enthusiasts.  You won't find any bumbling newbie salespeople.  Though our focus is selling luxury European vehicles
(like as a used BMW, a used Porsche or a used Volkswagen, but not just any used Mercedes-Benz, used Audi or used Volvo will do) and
Japanese imports, such as a used Honda, used Toyota or used Lexus (and Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru...), this experience translates well to all
pre-owned vehicle makes and models.  You can find good quality buys on Hyundai, too.  We'll show you the best used cars and used trucks
Dallas and the DFW metroplex have to offer.

Whether Dallas cars for sale, a Fort Worth used car or trucks for sale, we can help.  Let's get started!  Click here when you are ready to find your
Dallas used car or Dallas used truck, a purchase in DFW at a discounted rate.  You start the process by listing what vehicle you want and how
to communicate with you.  We will contact you within 6 business hours discussing your need and next steps toward your best pre-owned
vehicle purchase experience.  
Don't wait!  You have no initial expense to start your car or truck search process now.  We show you how to buy
the easy way. If you are looking for a used car in Fort Worth or Dallas, is the place to start!

So, if you're in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington or other DFW car for sale market researching and looking for used cars online, doing a
used car search, seeking used cars for sale, used trucks for sale, auto for sale, shopping used vehicles, maybe fuel-efficient used autos, and
looking online for a good used car broker, used car dealership website, seeking used car pricing, performing the best car search you can.... If
you're tired of used car Classifieds, auto traders or truck traders, or really cheap cars...  If you've spent enough time at Edmunds, Kelly Blue
Book, Black Book, N.A.D.A and Consumer Reports getting car prices or truck prices, car reviews and tips...  You've been to the monstrous
Autonation or CarMax or searched used to buy used cars or a Dallas used auto and been unsuccessful...  You're looking for used car
auctions or used truck sales...  You just want to buy a used car?  Where's the best Dallas truck sales?  Used vans?  You need a Plano car or
Arlington used car?  Where were those cars used or those trucks used?  Was that car used in Louisiana?; were those other cars used there,
as well, around the big flood time?  Where's the best Dallas auto, Dallas truck or Dallas car???  A lot of used car dealers get a bad rap.   If you
are searching for a used auto, used sports car, used vans, used pickup truck, 4X4, lifted trucks, Chevrolet, used Ford trucks, used Dodge
trucks, used Chevy trucks, used Lexus, used VW or used Volkswagen, used Porsche, used Audi, used BMW, used Volvo, used Nissan, a
Dallas used truck, Hummer, SUV, minivan, van, hybrid, low rider, classic cars for sale, cheap used cars or other vehicle, hot cars, fast cars,
cool cars, used Tahoe, used Nissan, used Jeep, really any used vehicles..., can locate that vehicle for you while saving
you sometimes thousands of dollars in the process.  We can find your used truck or we can find you several used trucks.  We specialize in
finding newer, pre-owned vehicles.  We also search for motorcycles, RVs, boats and watercraft.  Whew...  
Let us guide you to a simple and
safe Dallas used car purchase.